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Basic Info
1. Basic Information

Q: What is Push Pin?

A: Push Pin is a company that rents out private rooms and matches roommates in its own buildings and those managed on behalf of landlords.


Q: Who is Push Pin for?

A. Push Pin is for anyone who needs an affordable room to stay in that offers short-term monthly lease terms and quick approval decisions. This is a perfect solution for anyone who does not necessarily want to commit to a year lease, but wants to live in a clean and well maintained living environment.

Q: What kind of private rooms do you offer?

A: We provide rooms in a variety of apartment types ranging from two-bedrooms and up.

Q: Is there any limit to how long I can stay?

A: All Push Pin rooms require at least a one-month commitment; however, there is no limit to how long you can stay.

Q: Will I need to bring my own furniture?

A: All of our rooms come furnished upon request. This includes a full size bed, desk, and office chair. Common areas and living rooms may be furnished depending on the building. If you already have your own furniture, we can always offer you the room vacant.

Q: What is included in the rent?

A: The total rent listed on our website includes all utilities, internet, and a cleaning service for the common areas and bathrooms.

Q: Will I ever be responsible for my roommates?

A: No, you will never be responsible for your roommates. You will only be responsible for your own obligations and actions. Although the apartment is shared, responsibility is on an individual basis. If your roommate does not pay rent or damages the apartment, this will have no effect on you. 

Q: Will I need to find my own roommates to move in?

A: No all of our apartments are move in ready even if all bedrooms are not filled. 

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Unfortunately, currently all Push Pin apartments have a no pet policy. Due to the nature of the rental, roommates tend to come and go, and we can never be sure if someone entering an apartment may have an allergy related issue. 

2. Finding a Room & Applying
Finding a Room & Applying

Q: Where can I find out what rooms are available?

A: The "Rooms Available" section of our website lists all open rooms. This section includes all details regarding the apartment and room, pricing, and an application link. If you have any other questions about our properties you can always email at us at

Q: How can I schedule an appointment to see the property?

A: All of our available rooms will have scheduled open houses throughout the week. This website has all of those open houses calendared in the "Showings" section. If you wish to see the apartment, you can go to that section and click on the showing you would like to go to. Or you can contact us at for more information.

Q: Do I need to pay an application fee?

A: No. Push Pin never charges an application fee.

Q:How can I apply for a room?

A: To apply for a Push Pin room the first step is filling out the application. All of our applications can be filled out electronically through our website by clicking on the room you would like in the "Rooms Available" Section. You can also fill out a paper application in person at one of our showings. Once the application is received a member of Push Pin will contact you for a brief discussion and to request additional financials if needed. Once the process is completed, you should receive a decision within 24-hours.

Q: What will I need to apply?

A: To apply for one of our rooms, you will at a minimum need to fill out one of our applications and provide a government issued photo ID. This can be done through our website electronically or in person at one of our open houses. We will also need to verify certain financial documents including your most recent pay stub (or proof of current income) and a bank statement. However, this will be based on individual circumstances and may not be required for everyone.

Q: Will I be eligible if my credit is not established?

A: Yes. Push Pin does not rely on credit score when deciding on an applicant. We believe that strong financials and roommate compatibility are a more reliable indicator of whether a living situation will work. 

Q: Can I qualify if I am a student or currently looking for work?

A: Yes. If you are not working, you may still be approved for the apartment. You must be able to show that you have sufficient savings to pay for the room or are receiving financial assistance from someone else. 

3. Signing & Moving In
Signing & Moving In

Q: What is the cost to move in?

A: Prior to moving into the apartment you will need to pay a one-month security deposit and the first month's rent. If you are moving in mid-month, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for that month. There are never any additional fees.

Q: What happens after I am approved?

A: Once you are approved you will receive an email notification from Push Pin. After you receive the email, you will also be sent a lease for review as well as two electronic invoices for the security deposit and the first month's rent.


Q: How do I sign the lease and pay the move in cost?

A: All of our leases can be signed electronically, so if all terms meet with your approval it can be signed and submitted to Push Pin. The security deposit must be paid at the same time the lease is signed. After the lease is signed and the security deposit is paid, the room will be officially off the market. The second invoice for the first month's rent must be paid prior to move in. 

Q: How do I get the keys to move in?

A: Once the lease is signed and the move in cost is paid, you can schedule a move in date with Push Pin. When the move in day arrives a member of Push Pin will meet you at the apartment to give you keys. If you have a specific time frame that you must move in by and no one is available to meet you, a set of keys will be left at the property in the lock box or you can pickup the keys at our office. 

4. Renting
Renting & Apartment Rules

Q: When should rent be paid by? 

A: The rent will always be due on the 1st of the month. If you are unable to pay rent on time, you MUST let us know beforehand. We understand that sometimes unexpected issues come up, and so long as you let us know we can try to work with you. Push Pin currently does not charge late fees for overdue rent.

Q: How should I pay my rent?

A: You will receive an electronic invoice by email that must be paid by the 1st of the month. Payments can be made electronically through invoice by ACH or credit/debit. We will also accepts checks mailed and hand delivered to our office or cash hand delivered at our office. NEVER MAIL CASH.

Q: How long will I be obligated to live in the space?

A: All of our leases are monthly and run from the first of the month. If a space is available mid-month, and you wish to move in immediately, the lease would be for the remainder of the current month and the next month. You can end the lease anytime with proper notice.

Q: Who will be responsible for cleaning, buying groceries, etc?

A: Push Pin will provide a cleaning service that will clean the common areas and bathrooms on a regular basis. That being said everyone is expected to clean up for themselves. Remember that this is a shared environment, and no one wants to deal with someone else's mess. Although we do have a cleaning service, picking up after yourself, buying groceries, and other everyday apartment chores must worked out between you and your roommates. As far as a cleaning schedule, we will provide a suggested calendar that the roommates can choose to use; however, this will be between you and your roommates. 

Q: What happens if I do not get along with my roommates?

A: When living in a shared environment communication with your roommates is extremely important. Most issues can be resolved by addressing them with your roommate and talking it through. If there is a conflict that cannot be resolved, we will in some circumstances act as an intermediary and if necessary transfer your lease to a new apartment if one is available. If the actions of your roommate are in violation of the lease or apartment rules, we may ask that individual to leave.

Q: What should I do if something in the apartment breaks?

A: Push Pin should be contacted for all damages and needed repairs at the apartments. A member of the Push Pin team will respond shortly thereafter and make repairs in a timely manner. In the case of an dangerous situation such as a gas leak or electrical issues, we should be contacted immediately and you should leave the apartment. 

Q: What happens if there is a pest issue?

A: All Push Pin buildings have an exterminator that comes by on a monthly basis to check for issues. Should you encounter any vermin or pests you can contact us, and we will have the exterminator come by right away to deal with the problem.


Q: How do I end the lease?

A: The lease will continue to automatically renew on a monthly basis until you give us 30-days notice. Notice can be in any format electronic or by phone; however, it MUST BE 30-DAYS BEFORE THE 1ST OF THE MONTH. 

Q: What happens after I give my notice?

A: After giving notice, we will need to start showing your room to find another tenant to fill your spot. We will always give you at least 24-hours notice prior to showing the room. While we do not expect the room to be in a perfect state, it would be appreciated if during showings the room be kept in a presentable condition.  

Q: When will my lease end?

A: All Push Pin leases are monthly starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the month. Generally speaking you cannot end a lease mid-month, and will be responsible for the full rent of that month even if you are not there. However, if you have an emergency, serious issue, or give us significant additional notice, Push Pin may choose to waive this policy.

Q: What happens if I do not give 30-days notice before the 1st?

A: If you do not give the proper notice, you could be responsible for the next month's rent. The purpose behind the 30-days notice is to give us enough time to re-rent the space. For instance if you tell us on the 20th that you plan on moving out at the end of the month that only gives us 10-days to rent the space, so you would be charged for the next month. That being said if we are able to re-rent the space before you move out even without proper notice, you will not be expected to pay extra. Or if you are moving out due to an emergency or other serious issue, Push Pin may choose to waive the notice restriction.

Q: When do I get my security deposit back?

A: The security deposit will be returned to you after the room is vacated, the keys are returned, and the room is swept clean. If you know when you will be moving out, and want to setup an inspection date at the same time your security deposit can be returned at that time. If that is not possible, we can mail your security deposit to you. Assuming the above is complied with, the check will generally be mailed out within one-week. All security deposits must be returned by physical check. 



5. Moving Out
Moving Out
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